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The Vantage Alerts plugin lets you send periodic alerts from your Vantage powered directory website to your users for new listings and events based on their selected criteria. You will be able to set up the interval period and the HTML email template from the plugin settings and your users will then be able to subscribe to alerts conveniently and receive any new posts based on their saved criteria via email. There is a double opt-in feature so that you conform to anti-spam laws and each alert email includes the link to unsubscribe. All unsubscribed alerts stay in inactive mode which can be bulk deleted by the admin.

Key Features:

  • Auto-insert the “Get Alerts” (Call to Action) button with description above the loop on listing category, event category and search results
  • Manually add the “Call to Action” button anywhere on the page with a line of code
  • Setup daily, weekly or monthly alerts at a convenient local time
  • Send emails in batches to get around hourly limits set by web hosts
  • Customize messages, button labels and email templates
  • Users can get alerts for any refined search criteria or all listings or events within a specific category
  • Instant confirmation mail with a list of keywords subscribed
  • Double Opt-in feature
  • Ability to setup more than one alert, and unsubscribe each one separately
  • Check your list of subscribers from the WordPress admin panel
  • Delete inactive and unconfirmed subscriptions older than a month in one go
  • Default HTML template that works
  • Shortcodes to add dynamic content in email template
  • Compatible with Vantage 1.4


  • Extract zip in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Open Vantage AlertsSettings page and read instructions next each option and at the bottom of the page to setup the plugin.
1.0.2 (11/05/2015)

– Changed esc_url() to esc_url_raw() for redirects

1.0.1 (24/04/2015)

– Escaped output of function add_query_arg() to prevent XSS security vulnerability
– val_complete_leftovers cron staying always active
– Fixed notices appearing when events are disabled and debug is on
– Fixed notices on manage subscribers page when using bulk action and debug is on
– Fixed problem with cron scheduling in peculiar instances

– Seconds always default to 0 now when scheduling cron jobs
– Deleting options function after looping through a helper function

– Disable cron schedule on plugin deactivation
– Made plugin translation-ready

1.0.0 (12/03/2015)

Initial release version (at the time of Vantage 1.4)


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