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The Statify Ultimate Plugin for ClassiPress gives you the ability to add sub-sites based on user selected states. Once a state is selected by the user, they will only see the results from that state, until they switch states or cancel their selection. The plugin will add a new menu item called ‘States’ in the main navigation which will highlight when a state is selected. The plugin also comes with an optional homepage state selector popup for the first time visitors like the Groupon city selector.

Key Features:

  • Gives your users the ability to select a state and only browse listings from their region
  • The selected state becomes highlighted in the main navigation
  • Homepage, category page and search listings filter by states automatically
  • Optional Groupon like state selector popup for new visitors
  • Customize title and message on the state selector popup
  • State selection can be easily cancelled from the main navigation
  • Integrates with default, customized or child theme versions of the ClassiPress
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 4+


  • Extract zip in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Open ClassiPress → SU Plugin Options page and read instructions to setup the plugin.
1.6.0 - MAJOR UPDATE (06/07/2018)

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 4.0.0

1.5.12 (13/02/2017)

- Fixed issue with site crashing sometimes

1.5.11	(09/09/2015)

- Fixed issues with small screen devices

1.5.10 (02/09/2015)

- General bug fixing

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.5 and WP 4.3
- Removed redundant Colorbox library files

- Added custom menu label option


- Fixed problem with dashboard links when a state was selected


- Fixed problem with order totals when a state was selected


- Added state selector widget, removed redundant code


- Fixed the bug with blog display


- Fixed issue with Refine Search and updated ColorBox JS library


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.3


- Added caching to category counts for faster page loads


- Added a fix for the $wpdb->prepare() error


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.1


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2, and added filters to correct category ad counts automatically


- Fixed the pagination problem while a state is selected


- Fixed the filter in the most popular tab and the session problem with popup


- Fixed menu and attachment filter bug


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.1.9


- Initial release version at the time of (ClassiPress 3.1.8)

4 reviews for Statify Ultimate Plugin

  1. Michael Amon

    Nice plugin. i was looking for this plugin. To attract more customers i think you should make the pop up selection more beautiful just like on Also instead of creating a menu for State I think you should create a state search field just like on ebay classifieds. I think inorder to improve this plugin you should learn from them.

    • Mohsin Zunzunia (verified owner)

      Thanks! Also there are certain things that are currently not possible via a plugin, including adding a state search field, because there are no hooks available in the theme in places relevant to them. But it is possible to install the plugin and then work around it to add the state field in the search bar in a child theme. Currently the Statify child theme comes with a state search field but, it does not filter the results by states everywhere on the site, unlike the Statify Ultimate plugin.

  2. sookmsr (verified owner)

    very nice Job Mohsin , very Good Plugin

    its not available any where else

    thank you

  3. charlie (verified owner)

    Does exactly what I hoped it would and works brilliantly. Only problem is the menu bar “states” isnt customizable 🙁 Im from the UK and need it to say County or Location

  4. Kevin

    Perfect, thx!
    Charlie, you can change the name in the menu bar by changing the code in the “statify-ultimate/statify-ultimate.php” file line 92
    You can change the ‘‘.__(‘States’,APP_TD).’‘ by anything else like ‘‘.__(‘Location’,APP_TD).’‘ for exemple.

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