Jigoshop Order Push Plugin

Send Push Notifications for Sales and Stock Levels



Jigoshop Order Push plugin allows you to receive push notifications for sales made from your Jigoshop powered e-commerce website on your iOS and Android devices.

Pushover is a third-party service that can send notifications to your iOS and Android devices. Jigoshop Order Push integrates the Pushover service with your Jigoshop powered website to send you notifications any time a new sale is made through your website. It will tell you the itemised description of your order and the amount of the purchase.

You can set the notifications to be sent only when the order status changes to a certain value, so you can keep track of the customer actions. Not only that, you can set push notifications to be sent when a product is on low stock, has run out of stock or is on backorder!


There are several requirements in order to use this extension:

  1. You must own an iOS or Android device.
  2. You must have a Pushover account (free).
  3. You must own a copy of the app ($4.99) for your respective device.
  4. You must have the Pushover Notifications WordPress plugin (free) installed.
  5. You must have the Jigoshop WordPress e-commerce plugin 1.7+ (free) installed.

Initial release version (at the time of Jigoshop 1.17.7)


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