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Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin for ClassiPres will prove to be the best localisation solution for your needs. As the name suggests, the plugin will enable dynamic selection of countries, states and cities on your ClassiPress website, i.e. selecting a ‘Country’ results in the ‘States’ drop down to list states only from the selected country, same when someone selects a state, the ‘City’ drop down would list the cities only from within the selected state. The usage of terms ‘location’, ‘country’, ‘state’, or ‘city’ is really just for illustration as the plugin can be tied to any ClassiPress field, whether core or custom added by yourself.

To top it off, the dynamic selection of field values can be applied to two sections. The first one is the “Ad Management” section, which means your “Post an Ad” and “Edit Ad” forms, which when applied to will force the fields attached to, to be HTML select drop downs on those forms, and make them required fields, leaving no margin for error while selecting the values.

The second usage of the dynamic selection will allow your visitors to filter the ads on your ClassiPress website based on their selection. This is more useful when you are using the plugin as a selector for Locations, for example “Country -> State -> City” or “Region -> Area -> Neighbourhood”. The filtering of ads works much like our Statify Ultimate and Citify Ultimate plugins, but with up to three levels!

So, the plugin can easily be used as an “All-in-One” solution for your multi-location needs. The plugin supports up to three levels of selection, but obviously a minimum of two.

Key Features:

  • Handles two or three levels of selection
  • Gives you the ability to pre-load all field values that would appear in the select drop downs
  • Customize menu and popup labels
  • Gives your customers the ability to dynamically select location when they are posting or editing their ads
  • Turns the drop downs into text boxes when the ads are edited from the admin panel
  • Gives your visitors the ability to select their location and only browse listings from their region
  • Homepage, category page and search listings filter by the selected region automatically
  • Optional Groupon like region selector popup for new visitors, with ability to set the time after which the popup appears
  • Integrates with default, customized or child theme versions of the ClassiPress
  • Fully Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress
  • Sidebar widget for drop down selector available
  • Powerful settings page in the admin back end with parent filtering, drag-n-drop sorting, bulk add/delete options
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 4.0.0 (contact for compatibility with previous versions)


Please carefully read the instructions on our Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin announcement page.

1.7.0 - MAJOR UPDATE (04/07/2018)

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 4.0.0

1.6.5 (04/07/2018)

- Fixed PHP notice

1.6.4 (24/06/2017)

- Fixed issue with PHP7.x compatibility
- Fixed issue with pagination code in admin panel

1.6.3 (13/02/2017)

- Fixed issue with site crashing sometimes
- Fixed edit location button in WP admin

1.6.2 (26/08/2015)

– Fixed issues with post status update
– Fixed redirection issues from search page
– Fixed __construct(); notice appearing on WordPress 4.3+

– Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.5+

1.6.1 (27/05/2015)

– Colorbox styles being exluded from some pages

1.6.0 (23/05/2015)

– Fixed pagination in the admin back end

– Full code review and improvements under the hood
– Moved “ClassiPress Field” form below the values table in the admin back end

– Emptying cache when ad status changes from/to publushed
– Implemented WP_List_Table class in the admin back end
– Value search function in the admin back end
– Drag-n-drop ordering in the admin back end
– Bulk delete option in the admin back end
– Filter by parent value in the admin back end
– ACFCP bridge file to implement multi-level fields on profile/registration forms


- Fixed bug with search in ClassiPress 3.4


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.4


- Fixed the bug preventing editing ads from admin side, and other minor bugs


- Fixed problem with dashboard links when a field value was selected


– Changed form methods to POST on plugin settings page
– Fixed bug with pagination on ads archive page
– Added option to redirect to homepage after selecting values


- Fixed the cart amount when a filter is selected and better styling on iPad portrait mode.


- Fixed bug in pagination on the admin side


- Fix JS issue when plugin is only set at 2 levels


– Bugs fixed 
– Made compatible with Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress 
– Sidebar widget added 
– Made drop down interface AJAX powered 
– Made compatible with WordPress 3.6 and ClassiPress 3.3.1

- Fixed issue with Refine Search


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.3


- Fixed the single quote and edit ad form bugs, added caching for faster results, and added bulk delete options


- Added a fix for the $wpdb->prepare() error


- Added default sort alphabetically, and made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.1


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2, added uninstallation capability, automated filters, and capability to add multiple comma separated values


- Fixed category and sub category ad counts, pagination and accented characters bug and the “Most Popular” tab on the homepage


- Fixed Popup Problem in IE


- Initial Release Version for ClassiPress 3.1.9

6 reviews for Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin

  1. Fanaticweb (verified owner)

    A bit pricey (compared to the other plugins) but worth every penny for the functionality and the prompt support that comes with it!

    I had a small issue with my site (functionality vs Aesthetics display), flagged it on the forum, the developer got in touch, worked out and identified the issue, fixed it on the go, sent me the updated file and voila, done in less then 24 hours!

    Thank you ThemeBound for bringing genuine solid plugins and your support, definitely recommended!

  2. codrdave (verified owner)

    If you need to filter your site by location, this plugin is simply magic. Categories, Search, Tags… everything is filtered.

    The plugin is easy to use and worth every penny. I would have paid twice as much and felt it was a good deal!

    Themebound is also very responsive to inquiries and support. You really can’t go wrong doing business with them!!!

  3. jcruzpr89 (verified owner)

    Great plugin, just what I was looking for. I really hope for an update to be able to create multiple combinations. but I definitely recommended. Thanks!

  4. henriquehcb (verified owner)

    Good night, great plugin, I made a great purchase! I purchased your product, but would like to only two levels, pore explain to me how can I change to only have levels of State and City?

  5. MG (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin. However, I wish I could run multiple instances as this will be really helpful. Sometimes you need for custom fields to choose accordingly and for now, I can only add country and city. I hope that a future update will run multiple instances.

  6. Adtractie BV (verified owner)

    No doubt: five stars. For us a plugin that solved a huge issue. Instead of building a network which takes days we managed to split up our website in 390 divisions, in around five minutes.

    The plugin can be used in a lot of ways, responds real fast and does as far as we know not jam up.

    See it at work at http://www.stadvertentieblad.nl in both main menu and sidebar.

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