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The CP Premium Add-ons (CPPA) Plugin is an extremely powerful extension for ClassiPress theme that will let you create unlimited premium add-ons, each having its own price and validity period.


The ClassiPress theme only comes with a single premium add-on by default, which is the featured ads slider on the homepage, and as a classified site owner, we are pretty sure you would be interested in more ways to monetise your website. The CP Premium Add-ons plugin will allow you to create packages of different visual enhancements and offer them to your customer for a fee that is set by you for a period that you will decide. The built in visual enhancements, or “presets” are:

  • Background Highlight: Choose any colour for highlighting ads.
  • Ribbon Image: Allows you to upload and display any image on an ad at any position.
  • List Top: Allows you to display ad on top of category page, search page, and homepage.

You can “mix and match” the aforementioned enhancements as part of your add-on, and give your customers full value for their money. For example you can charge your customers for a single add-on that will display their ad at the top of search results as well as have a “Top Ad” ribbon and a background highlight, or if you wish, have three different add-ons for each of the enhancements. You can also create different add-ons with exactly the same presets, charge them based on different timeframes. For example, you can have a “Top Ad 30 Days” set to run for for $10, and a cheaper option “Top Ad 1 Week” set to run for just 7 days for $3, giving your customers the same enhancements, just for different time periods.

Then, there is a small matter of associating the add-ons with membership or ad packages. We have got you covered here as well. Just add a list of comma separated IDs or membership packs or ad packs in the plugin settings and see them automatically applied when ads are posted as a part of packages.

Key Features

  • No limits to how many add-ons you can create.
  • Add-ons can have their own prices.
  • Add-ons can have their own duration.
  • Add-ons can be selected and paid for during ad posting or re-listing process.
  • Auto apply add-ons based to ads based on author IDs, ad pack IDs, or membership pack IDs.
  • Built in visual enhancements like “background highlight”, “ribbon image”, or “top of list”.
  • Possible to offer the same enhancements for different durations for different prices.
  • Apply or remove add-ons on ads on the fly from the admin panel.
  • Three sample add-ons when you install the plugin: “Urgent Ad”, “Top Ad” and “Highlight Ad”.
  • Possible to create more enhancements using code.
  • Export, import, or reset settings.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.5.2+.

The Plugin Defaults

To get you started, we have already included three sample add-ons: “Urgent Ad”, “Top Ad” and “Highlight Ad” each ready to be applied when you enable them. You can modify them, remove them or use them as they are, depending on how useful you find them.

1.0.3 (22/07/2017)

- Membership percentage discount not being applied to total amount
- Translation file not loading

- Added do_action calls when an add-on is applied or removed for extensibility

1.0.2 (27/02/2016)

- Added incompatibility notice for older versions of ACFCP
- Added POT file for translation

1.0.1 (26/02/2016)

- Incompatibility notice appearing on child theme

1.0.0 (26/02/2016)

- Initial Release Version (at the time of ClassiPress 3.5.3)


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