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The ClassiAlerts Plugin for ClassiPress lets you send your subscribers periodic alerts for new ads based on their selected criteria. You will be able to set up the interval period and the alert email template in HTML and your users will then be able to setup alerts conveniently to receive their list of all new ads posted for their saved criteria in an email which will also contain the unsubscribe link.

Key Features:

  • Auto-insert the “Get Alerts” (Call to Action) button with description or manually add just the button with a line of code
  • Setup daily, weekly or monthly alerts at a convenient local time
  • Customize messages, button labels and email templates
  • Users can get alerts for category listings or custom search criteria
  • Users immediately get a confirmation mail with their selected criteria in a keyword list (generated via shortcode) upon signing up
  • Double Opt-in feature
  • Users can setup more than one alert, and unsubscribe each one separately
  • Check your list of subscribers from the WordPress admin panel
  • Bulk activate, deactivate or delete alerts
  • Unsubscribed alerts stay in inactive mode, which can then be manually deleted from the admin panel
  • Plugin comes with a clean default HTML email template and shortcodes to dynamically add content to the email
  • Plugin automatically picks the criteria from the Refine Results form
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.4+ (contact for compatibility with older versions)


  • Extract zip in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Open ClassiAlerts → Settings page and read instructions next each option and at the bottom of the page to setup the plugin.
2.1.0 (20/07/2018)

- Fixed PHP notices

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 4.0.0+

2.0.4 (08/01/2018)

- Fixed issues with Classipost theme

2.0.3 (02/09/2015)

- Fixed registration date not showing in local time

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.5 and WP 4.3
- Changed plugin and author URLs to HTTPS

2.0.2 (11/05/2015)

– Changed esc_url() to esc_url_raw() for redirects

2.0.1 (25/04/2015)

– Escaped output of function add_query_arg() to prevent XSS security vulnerability
– Fixed notices on manage subscribers page when using bulk action and debug is on

2.0.0 (21/04/2015) MAJOR UPDATE: ClassiAlerts 2.0.0 is out now! 

– Fixed cron schedule setting a day ahead in some cases
– Disable crons when the plugin is deactivated
– Multiple bugs fixed

– Rewrote manage subscription page to implement class WP_List_Table
– Full code revision, better programming flow
– Segregated code in different files, added clal-helpers.php
– Used clal_ as prefix instead of classialerts_
– Enqueue scripts/styles conditionally

– Added option to restrict subscription to logged-in users
– Added upgrade script to 2.0.0 from older versions
– Made plugin translation-ready


- Made use of the new search index functionality in ClassiPress 3.4


- Fixed a bug preventing emails from being sent


– Added feature to send emails in little batches so users can conform to limits set by hosts 
– Added info about last round of alerts sent 
– Displaying when the next round of alerts will be sent 
– Reworked the whole alert sending module 
– Multiple bugs fixed


- Fixed problem with refine search with price and location fields


– Made compatible with responsive ClassiPress 3.3. 
– Added double opt-in feature 
– Delete inactive and unconfirmed alerts older than a month 
– Added name field for alerts 
– Increased security


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.1.


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.


- Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.1.9


- Initial release version at the time of (ClassiPress 3.1.8)

1 review for ClassiAlerts Plugin (Email Subscription)

  1. Robert Lang

    The Classi-Alerts Plugin with the double opt-in feature, is a must have for any commercial rated website! The double opt-in feature will prevent you from getting into trouble with the CAN-SPAM Act. By providing a “unique confirmation link in the subscription email sent out.

    The Classi-Alerts Plugin will also build your website visitor base, by bringing back visitors with instant reasons for them to see what new ads are there for them. Because the Classi-Alerts Plugin always sends email alerts which are exactly what your site visitor was looking for!

    No more “guessing”, or “shots in the dark.” From now on, you’re the one people will be looking to for their products! Because only you will be sending them highly targeted ads which are exactly what your website visitors have been waiting to buy from you!

    Imagine, knowing what your website visitors are looking to buy, BEFORE they buy from other websites! It can’t get any easier than that! You get to know before anyone else does, what people in your market are wanting to buy!

    The Classi-Alerts Plugin also lets you personalize your email alerts with your website’s visitor’s name in the subject line and emails! It’s a known fact: Emails with your visitor’s name in the subject line get opened and read twice as often, as those emails which don’t have their name in the subject line.

    You work hard to bring website visitors to your door. Now give them great reasons to come back! All on auto-pilot! Set up once, and forget it! Classi-Alerts Plugin works on its own! With the built in cron schedule feature! You can set it whenever you want the Classi-Alerts Plugin to search all your ads and send out instant emails to all those waiting buying hungry potential customers! Your chances of closing the sales just shot through the roof! Because you already know in advance what they are wanting to buy!

    It’s simple to decide right now! You can either watch your visitors leave your website and surf to your competitor’s website. Or you can let your very own “Automated 24/7/365 days a year Sales Rep,” do the work for you! The Classi-Alerts Plugin brings them back to buy from you! Over and over again!

    The price is a dead give away! When you think about how many people you can bring back to your website looking to buy from you, this is one WordPress Plugin that will pay for itself! And keep putting money in your back account for years to come!

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