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Ever felt like charging your classified ad publishers for custom fields or the number of images? The ACF :: Paid Fields plugin for ClassiPress will set you free! Now you can just decide what fields are worth charging extra for, set a price for them and relax. The plugin will also let you charge for the number of images. You can set a price for a single image, two images, and so on until the maximum number of images allowed for your users.

Why Should I Get This?

Here’s why! The ClassiPress theme comes with limited pricing models. While ad packs and category based pricing offer flexibility to some extent, there is little to differentiate different ads within the same category except the built in “Featured Ads”. We set about to correct that a few months ago and came up with the CP Premium Add-ons plugin that allows you to create different visual add-ons for different amount of prices and validity.

HOWEVER,we know some of the information you let your customers post is a lot more worth than you are getting from it. So we have gone a step ahead and written a plugin that lets you price each field, so that you can offer them at a price to the privileged few who would pay! Contact numbers, video links, other commercial information, charge for whatever you want! You can even charge for posting an image, or any number of images! So make your efforts worthwhile by employing the different type of pricing that ACF :: Paid Fields includes.

Custom Fields

There are two types of pricing models available per custom field, field pricing and value based pricing:

  • Field price, if set on a field, will be charged for adding any value to the field, i.e. only leaving the field empty will avoid incurring the charge. You can set this on what you think of as special fields worth charging for, like a YouTube video link or a phone number.
  • Value based price, on the other hand, lets you add variable pricing depending on the value of the field and is of two different types.
    1. For text based fields (text box and text area), you can charge a different price based on the number of characters entered by the users. For example you can charge $1.00 for more than 20 characters, $2.00 for more than 50 characters and so on for the description field, and so on.
    2. For multiple choice fields (drop downs, check boxes and radio buttons), you can charge a different price based on the value selected.


Additionally, you can charge for the number of images a user can add to their listings by setting a price for each number of image that one can possibly add to their listings. For example if you have set the maximum number of images to “3”, then you can set a different price to charge if a user adds one image, or two images or the maximum three images to his listings. You can easily make adding images a privilege and start charging per image, so that people who pay more get to display images and make their ad more visible!

Editing Ads

Worried that your users will post free ads, then edit them to add values to chargeable ads? You don’t need to! The plugin will keep track of how much a user spent on paid fields while posting their ads, and when they edit them, will calculate the price again and in case of a positive difference, will only apply their changes after creating an order of the difference amount and waiting for it to be paid!

Consider this situation. You have set $2.00 for adding a phone number and $5.00 for adding any number of images. A user posted an free ad by ignoring all the paid fields and images, the plugin will remember the amount spent to be 0. When later the user edits the same listing and adds a phone number, the plugin will charge him $2.00 and will only update the ad after it is paid (this is particularly helpful when you are not moderating edited ads). If the user then edits the ad again and uploads images but removes the phone number, the plugin will add $5.00 to the order, but deduct the $2.00 already paid making the total order of $3.00. This will go on until the ad expires.

Advantages of Using ACF :: Paid Fields

  • Charge users for adding phone numbers, video links, contact information or any other special privilege.
  • Set variable pricing depending on how big the ad description is, i.e. based on the number of characters.
  • Set variable pricing based on the state or country the ad is targeting.
  • For property listings, charge different based on the type of property, or charge only brokers but not the owner.
  • Charge for adding images, giving premium users a distinct advantage over non-paying users.
  • Plays well with our ACFCP and CP Premium Add-ons plugins.

Note: The plugin requires ClassiPress 3.5.2 or above to work.


  1. Download the plugin zip file
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard → Plugins → Add new -→ Upload.
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  4. Find the menu “ClassiPress” on the WordPress administration page. Click on “ACF :: Paid Fields” link under it and proceed to configure the plugin.
1.1.0 - MAJOR UPDATE (11/07/2018)

- Made compatible with ClassiPress 4.0.0

1.0.1 (22/07/2017)

- Membership percentage discount not being applied to total amount

1.0.0 (22/09/2016)

- Initial Release Version (at the time of ClassiPress 3.5.7)


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