Put Featured Ads on Top in ClassiPress? Here’s the Solution!

A) We are going to address one of the most talked about (non)functionality in ClassiPress which is to put featured ads on top in both ad category and search pages without affecting the other aspects of the query or the pagination. There have been previous attempts to fix this issue but they involved either sorting within the post array which never worked with pagination, or simply adding another query to stick a few featured ads at the top, which resulted in featured ads appearing more than oncce. The solution as generally understood is editing the request query, which is what we attempted, and here is our solution in the form of a plugin called Sticky On Top. Use this plugin with any of the mods to add a featured ribbons from the forum to make your featured ads stand out, but wait, if you do not use a child theme or are not comfortable making changes within the code, we have a plugin for that too in the next section.

B) The Featured Ultimate plugin for ClassiPress will put your featured ads on top in both ad category and search result pages since it has our Sticky On Top plugin at its core, without affecting the pagination. But it has more to it than that. It will also add a featured ribbon and a background highlight to your featured ads. Well actually, the plugin will not only highlight your featured ads with a different background colour on category and search pages, it will do so on the single ad pages too, and it will apply a different background colour depending on the colour scheme you are using.

So, essentially, we have made two plugins for you to choose from. If you just want to sort by featured ads and wish to use it with a mod for featured ad ribbon/highlight, go for the Sticky On Top plugin, and if you are not already using a mod to highlight featured ads and do not want to mess with any code , make sure you buy the Featured Ultimate plugin instead.

NOTE: We have deliberately excluded the listings under the “Just Listed”, “Most Popular”, and “Random” tabs on the homepage from sorting simply because they are meant to be sorted in a specific way and that is not by featured ads.

Key Features:

  • Sort ad category and search result pages by featured ads on top
  • Works with pagination without any problem
  • No additional queries, no hacking the posts array, no ads listing twice
  • Featured ad ribbon on ad listing and single pages (Featured Ultimate Only)
  • Highlighted featured ads with a different background color (for all color schemes) (Featured Ultimate Only)
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.1.9

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Sticky On Top Details and Purchase

Featured Ultimate Details and Purchase

View Demo Here

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well done moshin ! i have just put the Featured Ultimate Plugin through it’s trials, i would recomend this plug in to anybody serious about making money from their classipress site,people love to buy featured ads ,and this plug in enables you compete with the well established big classifieds sites

Mohsin Zunzunia

Thanks a ton!

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