Multi-Region in ClassiPress Gets Even Better!

The weather may be indifferent in many parts of the world, while some are enjoying the sun, it is a very special day nevertheless. We are close to completing a major update to Dynamic Multi-Level Fields plugin, the most complete multi-region solution for ClassiPress, so you and your users have a much smoother experience!

Arguably the best part of the update is that it is now compatible with the excellent plugin Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress by Artem Frolov. There was a lot of demand for it and we have listened. Now ad custom fields linked to the user profile fields via the ACF plugin will automatically be populated in the multi-level drop downs on “Post an Ad” page.

But the goodness does not end here. We are now using AJAX to load the multi-level options in lower level drop downs based on values selected in the top level drop downs, so the pages load quicker and no unwanted data gets loaded. We have also added more settings to the plugin options page so all visible text on the front end can be localised from the admin back end itself. The new version will soon be tested with the latest development version of ClassiPress and WordPress 3.6 release candidate, so you will probably not have to update it again when we have the final release of ClassiPress 3.3.1 and WordPress 3.6. There is also a surprise in store for those who are thinking of purchasing Dynamic Multi-Level fields, but you shall find out in the next blog post announcing the release of Version 1.4!

Our other multi-region plugins for ClassiPress, the Statify Ultimate and Citify Ultimate plugins have both been updated to version 1.5.6 to address a bug with blog display. Please download the update from “My Accounts” page if you are running any of these plugins.

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