Project Focus: Find A Nanny in Singapore

Project Focus: Find A Nanny in Singapore

We recently finished an interesting development project for a site which matches nannies and babysitters with families in Singapore. It’s called Find a Nanny and is targeted only at the Singapore market. It is uses the Classipress theme from AppThemes, but the owner requested some interesting modifications to make it easy for nannies and families to find each other.

The first mod is the “Nanny Map” which shows the location of all nannies, babysitters and families who have registered on the site. Each info balloon on the map is hyperlinked to that person’s classified ad on the site. This makes it easy for visitors to see who is nearby. The Nanny Map nicely complements the ClassiPress built-in Google map which only shows one location at a time. The Nanny Map is the second most visited page – after the home page – on the site.

Although all advertisers may post ads for free, the site owner requested that the contact details of nannies can only be seen by logged-in families who have upgraded their account by making a payment. It is similar for nannies, they can post an ad for free, but can only see the contact details of families after they have signed up to a relatively inexpensive subscription with a one month’s free trial.

Families will never be able to see contact details of other families, even after payment, nor will nannies be able to see the details of other nannies. Anybody who has not made a payment or signed up for a subscription will not be able to see anybody’s contact details. This added level of privacy gives users the extra confidence they they may need to register on the site, and already a number of well-known local celebrities have registered, found a nanny and left, well under the radar of the local gossip columns.

Find a Nanny was an interesting development project and it goes to show what a powerful and useful combination WordPress and ClassiPress can be, especially if it is custom tweaked to give added functionality.

Have you customised ClassiPress or another application theme? If yes then, use the comments section below to share your story and if not, then feel free to let us know your thoughts in general about application themes and whether you see customising them to add features makes them useful to you.

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