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How to Register Cheap Domain Names

How to Register Cheap Domain Names

Starting an online business is the cheapest way to start a business fast. Of course, there are certain concerns that must be addressed. One of the most overlooked things about starting a business online, is the domain name. Every business online requires a domain name. A domain name identifies the business and makes it easier to locate on the Internet. Today, it is easy to acquire a cheap domain name with a convenient domain promo code. Here is what you need to know about domain names on the Internet.

Why You Need a Domain Name

Every small business to major corporations on the Internet has their own domain name. Otherwise, it would be virtually impossible to find their business online. A domain name belongs to the business or person. It identifies their virtual address on the Internet. A domain name is the business name followed by .com or some other form like edu. or org. after the business name.

Registering a Domain Name

At one time, registering a domain name was a complicated and expensive process. Today, registration is decidedly different. It is easy enough for a child to complete the process. Believe me, easy registration that is hassle free is important. Simply search online for a domain registration site like GoDaddy, NameCheap, or Dynadot. Take a look around the website and read what they have to offer. Select your domain name. Make sure that it is available. Next, you will have to pay for your domain name. Promo codes come in handy here. The site will take you through the registration process quickly. The registration should take five minutes or less.

How to Register Cheap Domains

The price for a domain name has certainly decreased in price over the last few years, but it can still be pricey for some people who are on a tight budget. Fortunately, it is easy to get a cheap domain name with a domain promo code like the one available at site. Simply grab your coupon code and use it during the domain registration process. The whole process is simple, easy, and quick.

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Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin – A How-to Guide

Today we are launching an exciting new product, a plugin for ClassiPress called Dynamic Multi-Level Fields, which is probably the most complete multi-region solution yet for ClassiPress. The decision to create the plugin came at the back of some good deliberation, which prompted us to discuss the idea on the AppThemes forum thread available here. A lot of people registered their interest which then helped us decide to go for it.
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Put Featured Ads on Top in ClassiPress? Here’s the Solution!

A) We are going to address one of the most talked about (non)functionality in ClassiPress which is to put featured ads on top in both ad category and search pages without affecting the other aspects of the query or the pagination. There have been previous attempts to fix this issue but they involved either sorting within the post array which never worked with pagination, or simply adding another query to stick a few featured ads at the top, which resulted in featured ads appearing more than oncce. The solution as generally understood is editing the request query, which is what we attempted, and here is our solution in the form of a plugin called Sticky On Top. Use this plugin with any of the mods to add a featured ribbons from the forum to make your featured ads stand out, but wait, if you do not use a child theme or are not comfortable making changes within the code, we have a plugin for that too in the next section.
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[LAUNCHED] ClassiEstate – A Real Estate Child Theme for ClassiPress

Today we are launching our second product, a real winner, a real estate child theme for ClassiPress! Here’s “ClassiEstate”, which will turn your ClassiPress website into a Real Estate listings website. ClassiEstate comes with a WordPress eXtended RSS file that will import categories along with a form auto-generator to insert relevant “Add Listing” forms and custom fields and map them to the categories. ClassiEstate also comes with a large featured image slider for the homepage, and the layout of the single page is structured to meet the needs of a property listings website.
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