Jigoshop Menu Order Plugin

Add Menu Order to Columns and Quick Edit


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The Jigoshop Menu Order plugin will add the sortable column “Order” in the “All Products” screen in the Jigoshop back end and will also add an order field in the “Quick Edit” mode for the product.

We like to play around with the order of our products a lot and keep changing it, but in Jigoshop the only way we could do it was opening each product in the Edit screen and look for the tab which has the menu order. We made this plugin to get around the problem and save us a lot of time in the process. If you are like us, you will find it very useful as well!

This plugin requires Jigoshop 1.11.x and has not been tested with any version before that.

1.0.0 (12-03-2015)

- Initial release version


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