[LAUNCHED] ClassiEstate – A Real Estate Child Theme for ClassiPress

Today we are launching our second product, a real winner, a real estate child theme for ClassiPress! Here’s “ClassiEstate”, which will turn your ClassiPress website into a Real Estate listings website. ClassiEstate comes with a WordPress eXtended RSS file that will import categories along with a form auto-generator to insert relevant “Add Listing” forms and custom fields and map them to the categories. ClassiEstate also comes with a large featured image slider for the homepage, and the layout of the single page is structured to meet the needs of a property listings website.

How to Install ClassiEstate?

  1. Extract zip in the /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  2. Activate the ClassiEstate theme through the ‘Appearance’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Locate the file “classiestate_import.xml” in the ClassiEstate Zip Archive and use Tools → WordPress Importer on the Admin Panel to import the file. Make sure you tick the “Import Attachments” box. This will include some dummy ads, but more importantly, the relevant ad categories which are an essential part of this installation.
ClassiEstate Content Import

Don’t forget to tick the import attachment box

  1. Once the dummy content is imported, go to ClassiPress → ClassiEstate Options page on the Admin Panel and locate the “Generate Forms” button under the title. Click on it to auto-install category-specific forms, the required custom fields and even associate the forms with their respective categories.
Generate Forms

Click “Generate Forms” to add category specific forms and fields

  1. The forms should now be installed and associated with the categories, almost magically!
ClassiEstate Auto Installed Forms

The forms are magically installed and associated with the categories!

  1. Almost done now and configure the “ClassiEstate Child Theme Options and hit “Save Changes”, and then check the front end of your website, which should look like the image below:
ClassiEstate Homepage

The homepage looks like this. For the ads to show on the large slider, they need to have a picture attached

  1. Your new Real Estate Listing website is up and running now. You may now delete the dummy ads, and also remove the fields and categories that you think are not relevant to your website, and add more forms, categories and fields just like you would on any ClassiPress installation!!

Buy your copy of ClassiEstate now!

Posted by Mohsin Zunzunia

Owner of Themebound, Mohsin is a WordPress pro with 7 years combined experience as a Front End and Back End Web Developer. Follow him on Twitter @themebound.


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Looks fantastic! well done Themebound!

Do your theme have an easy way for agents to massimport listings?

I am sure you are aware you need the ClassiPress theme from AppThemes.com and install ClassiEstate as a child theme. ClassiEstate does not come with an import tool for listings but there is a mass CSV import plugin available for the ClassiPress theme from http://appthemesimporter.com/ which should work for you, but we have not tested it. You will need to make sure you add the right custom fields in your CSV file. Please refer to any documentation that is available on the plugin website.

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